Current assay turnaround time (TAT): 99% less than 2 weeks    TAT Trending: Decreasing

Job Opportunities

Sample Preparation Technician


  • Performs assigned tasks in accordance with standard operating procedures or methods
  • Organizing and drying customer samples for processing
  • Drying samples
  • Crushing, splitting and pulverizing samples
  • Loading and wrapping reject samples on pallets
  • Clean-up of work areas at the end of each shift, including washroom facilities
  • Routine maintenance of equipment
  • Performs any other duties related to the position of Sample Preparation Technician as directed by the Shift Leader or designate when schedule and workload permit
  • Participates in internal training programs determined by the Shift Leader
  • As part of our employee cross-training program, an employee may be re-assigned to other laboratory activities on a temporary or permanent basis

Skills and Qualifications

  • Valid Driver’s License and own transportation
  • Must possess analytical skills and ability to problem-solve
  • Must be observant and able to pay attention to detail
  • Able to report with accuracy
  • Quick Learner
  • Physically fit, with heavy lifting required
  • Must be computer sufficient
  • Able to wear a respirator for the length of your shift
  • Must be fluent in English (written and verbal) Bilingual is an (Asset)
  • First Aid /CPR (Asset)

Employment Requirements

  • Experience in Geochemical Laboratories (Minimum)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • WHMIS certification updated with GHS (2015) prior to being hired
  • Safety boots and glasses required prior to being hired
  • Must be willing to provide baseline results and be health monitored:
    • Blood work every 3 months
    • Chest X-ray once per year

Work Conditions

  • Benefit package offered after completion of a probation period (3 months)
  • Hours of work are arranged beforehand with the Laboratory Manager. Starting hours vary with the shift assigned
  • Employees are entitled to two (2) fifteen-minute paid rest breaks and one (1) thirty minute unpaid lunch break each day. No food or drink is to be stored or consumed in any of the laboratory work areas
  • Employees must follow all safety procedures in the laboratory Safety equipment must be worn at all times in the laboratory where required I.E. safety glasses, gloves, aprons and respirators. No open-toed shoes are permitted
  • Employees may be required to work overtime and on weekends or holidays during busy periods
  • Annual review of employee performance and remuneration by the Laboratory Manager
  • The business can be cyclic depending on market, economic and climate conditions

Employer Location

Swastika Laboratories – Swastika, ON

Job Status


How To Apply

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their resume to:
Valid Abu Ammar
Email: [email protected]